Valley Performing Arts Council (VPAC) was established in March 1997 as a nonprofit educational organization focused on providing Central San Joaquin Valley grade school students with the opportunity to experience the classical performing arts.

VPAC is dedicated to educating children in the classical arts, and our mission is to expose children to the beauty, wisdom, and truth that classical arts impart to society.

Arts…More Than Technique.

Learning, studying and mastering the various classical arts helps teach our children the value of compassion, integrity, personal strength and respect for themselves and others. Great classical art focuses not only on the technical mastery of painting or dancing, but also on the history and philosophy of great and influential thinkers.

VPAC exists to enrich the lives of children by introducing them to such concepts and values. Our attempt to expose children to the arts is at the local level, but even a drop of culture can be enough to change students’ lives. Since its establishment and with assistance from independent fundraising efforts, VPAC has reached over 132,000 school students throughout the Valley from 25 school districts.