Your Students Can Star in ‘Cinderella!’

Take an active part in the March 13 – 15 outreach programs and feel what it’s like to be a ballet dancer in ‘Cinderella!’

Educators start using the videos below – led by Bronwyn Smith, ProTrack dancer and intern with State Street Ballet – to actively get your class ready to be part of the performance. It’s fun, easy and interactive!

Simply share the videos with students and start rehearsing in the weeks leading up to the performance, then, at the conclusion of the ballet, your learners will perform the dance moves from their seats! Just imagine – your students will join hundreds of others in performing a ballet-inspired “dance!”

Videos 1, 2, & 3 include all the movements your students need to participate. Video 4 demonstrates the entire dance routine.

Start practicing, so your learners will shine as ballet dancers!